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Managing your Personal Finances

Frugal Vagabond provides strategies and tips for Managing your Personal Finances. This is the first step in reaching your goals that cost money to achieve. 

Early Retirement

If Early Retirement is one of your goals, you will find strategies and tips. We will also share our story and how it is all working out. Feel free to learn, laugh, or cry with us. 


Travel was a BIG reason for us to pursue early retirement. I hope you find these posts helpful for planning. And entertaining.

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The Frugal Vagabond Team believes in helping people with persona finance, travel, and early retirement. Take a look at our downloads. FREE when you sign up to be a part of the team. 


We started out traveling for work, and now we travel instead of work. We love to travel, and love sharing our adventures. There are all sorts of things to learn by and from traveling. It takes planning, resources, money and a sense of adventure. Learn how we plan our trips, fund them, and join us for the experience!

Early Retirement

Early planning is a key element to early retirement, but you can still get there, even if you aren’t in your 20’s anymore. It just takes commitment to the goal. I started in my late 20’s/early 30’s, and even though I had a good plan, life threw me some curve balls and I didn’t always stick to the plan. I missed the original goal of retired by 45, but at 52, I’m still calling it a win.

Personal Finance

If you want to travel and/or retire early, then you are going to have to get a handle on personal finance. There are lots of different philosophies when it comes to debt, savings, income, investing, lifestyle, and assets. The best thing for YOU to do though, is what works for you.


It wouldn’t be a fun website without some space dedicated to text and video musings. This section will likely be pretty free form/stream of consciousness on the blog, and hopefully a lot of great footage for the vlog.


News and plans for upcoming events. Events as they are happening. Reflections on previous events. Future, present, and past.

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