What We Learned (So Far) From Cruising Royal Caribbean – Day 2


Written by leahb

April 9, 2023

Royal Caribbean Cruise Dinner and Bar advice

We’ve only been here for 24 hours and we have learned a lot about cruising Royal Caribbean so far. The first thing I’m going to share might sound a little silly, but I’m serious. If you are having dinner in the main dining room, and aren’t sure if you want desert, order it anyway. You don’t have to eat if after it shows up if you don’t want to.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted any last night, and our waiter almost got in trouble. There are several people rotating around the restaurant just making sure that everyone is getting great service.

When one noticed my husband had desert and I didn’t she stopped to ask. Luckily she asked me before our waiter so I explained it was because I didn’t tell him what I wanted until two minutes ago. Lesson learned? If you don’t want your waiter to get into trouble, order your desert at the beginning. If you change your mind later, you can ask them not to bring it, or just don’t eat it.

The second Dinner and Bar advice is about water bottles.

Royal Caribbean has their own commemorative cups for sale. They have these red stations where you can fill those cups for free. Soda and water. It knows the cups and won’t fill yours with water if it isn’t the right cup. Guess how I know? We brought our own reusable bottles from home of course! The only place I’ve found where we could fill these up is at Café Promenade. Only don’t directly fill your own bottle. Fill a cup and transfer from the cup to your bottle. That could be unsanitary! Lesson learned: buy the cup, or be prepared to make a special trip to deck 3 every now and then for water.

The third Dinner and Bar advice is to make sure you check your receipts.

I know, this is a no-brainer right? We were out at the Piano bar last night and even though we ordered the same drinks twice, the charges were different. I brought it up to the bar to ask why, and the bartender flagged the waiter who fixed it immediately. Turned out to be a mix-up with the brand of wine. Not a biggie.

The fourth Dinner and Bar advice is to beware of the managers trying to sell activities!

Just kidding, this is actually kind of a nice service for people who haven’t figured out how to book on the app. Last night at dinner, they tried to get us to sign up for a sushi making class. Definitely not our thing. I mentioned I was going to sign up for the cupcake thing, so she made a call right there at the table. Made sure there was room in the class. And signed me up. My mistake? Not getting more information before letting her sign me up. Lesson learned? Ask the cost, the time, and location of what you are signing up for BEFORE you agree to it.


Cruising Royal Caribbean Gym Advice

What I learned

The gym opens at 6 am. I managed to get there around 6:45 am. There were about 12-15 people. Lots of open spots on the treadmills. They do have signs up requesting you limit your time to 20 minutes, but since there were plenty still open, I went for longer.

I wanted to stretch out afterwards, but I missed the start of the yoga class. When I asked if there was a place I could stretch out, the ladies at the desk suggested I just grab a yoga mat and go to the side area of the gym that had a bit of open space. Unfortunately all of the yoga mats were being used. Lesson learned? Bring your own yoga mat.

 What my husband learned

My husband went to the gym around 10 am, while I was at my cupcake decorating class. He didn’t get to work out because it was standing room only. Neither of us likes working out in overcrowded gyms. Lesson learned? Go early.

He also tried walking the jogging lap around the ship. With all of the lounge chairs out and people milling around that didn’t work for him either. Instead he went down to deck 4. There is shuffleboard down there, and only a few people playing. Easy to walk around. Lesson learned? If something doesn’t work for you, just check another deck. Or go earlier.

Fun side note: my husband mapped his walk on his watch and phone. It says he did 10.5 miles in less than 30 minutes. Amazing huh? Yeah, the app was tracking the movement of the ship and giving him credit. I say he was cheating.

Royal Caribbean Cruise packing advice

Trying to keep everything tidy and out of the way while cruising Royal Caribbean – or any cruiseline isn’t always easy. Where to store our dirty clothes was a thing today. We ended up using the bag intended for laundry service, which we don’t need on a five day trip. For the big trip, wash and fold service is included, but we will still need to store dirty clothes out of the way until pickup day. I’m planning on bringing a mesh laundry bag just to make sure clean and dirty doesn’t get mixed up.

Hair dryers. This is always a pain when traveling internationally. Any kind of hair care appliance really. Hair dryers are available. The one in our cabin does not have much power. It also requires that you keep your finger on the button, or it will shut off. Not convenient for my hair length at all. I’m planning on bringing something from home for the big trip.

I would caution anyone about bringing US rated hair appliances on a cruise ship without checking to make sure it is safe to plug them in. Even with an adapter. I almost started a fire once trying to use my dryer with an adapter in another country. Scared the crap out of me. I still have some European rated stuff from previous travels, so that is what I’m going to bring.

Want to learn more?

These updates are starting to write themselves. I still have to tell you all about Don and Jan, a couple we met in the elevator. And Taya and Theo that I met at the cupcake decorating class. Plus I need to start making videos. I have lots of footage, just haven’t taken the time to put it all together. I promise I will do that tomorrow. Even if I have to live stream it.

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Written by leahb

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