My First Day of Retirement


Written by leahb

April 1, 2023

Like the title says, today is my first day of retirement. I did, and did not plan for this to happen at this time. What do I mean? Well, when I started planning for this in my 20’s I wanted to retire at 45. That did not happen. Last year I thought I would need another 5 years in the workforce. That did not happen either.

How did I get here?

It was ok that I did not retire at 45. I made choices in life that limited my early retirement options. There was no consistency with my market investments. I got divorced. Fear of the future led to holding on to too much cash for too long. Even though I was clear about my desire to retire at 45, I did not make a plan. And the result shows that. Looking back, it is easy to criticize your choices. Now that I AM retired, it is easier to look back without getting mad at myself.

Long story short, my husband and I had been living in separate countries for work for a couple of years. We decided to finally be in the same place. Then COVID put a wrench in that plan. Then we made a new plan. We both had serious health issues come up at different times that put a wrench in those plans. So we made another plan.

Late 2022 we both returned to the US. I was lucky that my company allowed me to work my job remotely. We dealt with the health issue, and I went back to my overseas apartment to get it ready for rental. In early 2023, we re-evaluated our income situation.

Where am I going next?

Both me and my husband love to travel. We want to see the world. And before we are too old or broken to enjoy it. I heard about a Royal Caribbean world cruise last year. We both wanted to do this cruise. The issue was finding a way to pay for it. We both had some significant savings that were meant for retirement investment. And we both had found ways to increase our passive income to keep the same lifestyle without working. No need to think about it anymore. We paid for the trip and we are going.

Even though I say I am retired, I’m still actually working part time. And I have some consulting contracts set up. The part time work is to finish my project so I’m not leaving my company in a tough spot. The consulting work is because it is something interesting. The difference is that it is on my terms. And I don’t need it.

We are prioritizing our health. That means eating healthy. Exercising. Keeping stress low. Taking time to meditate. Staying active doing things we enjoy. That means vacations, and time spent together.

Will this work out so that neither of us have to go back to work? Who knows. But I’m definitely exited to try it out and see.

We have a couple of trips planned for April. If you want to stay updated on how things are working out or our trips, subscribe!

Written by leahb

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