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Written by leahb

April 2, 2023

Exploring the Royal Caribbean world

We have three vacation Royal Caribbean events in April. All of them are five day Royal Caribbean Western Caribbean cruises and I am SOOO looking forward to them. Traveling for work means that the trip is all about the destination instead of the journey. Often the journey was particularly unpleasant. Over the past three decades I haven’t taken the time to do many vacations. When I did take a vacation, I was usually frugal. I prioritized speed and price over comfort. That changes from here on out.

Why are we doing the same three Royal Caribbean cruises in April?

My husband and I are going on the Royal Caribbean Ultimate World Cruise https://www.royalcaribbean.com/ultimate-world-cruise/ in December. On that cruise, there are a seven different World Wonder excursions that are complimentary. But only for those that have a Platinum status in the Crown and Anchor club before June 4, 2023. These three cruises represent the best prices we could find to meet those requirements.

Another reason we are doing this, is that I really hope to Vlog daily on the World Cruise. These three shorter cruises gives us the chance to test our plan. What equipment should we bring? How much time will it take out of our day? See how it works. Make adjustments. Then try it again on the next trip.

How did we plan the Western Caribbean cruises?

Going into the process, we knew that we needed to meet requirements for making Platinum status. We didn’t really care where we went, just that we make status for the least amount of money. A secondary concern was how much time it would take. Royal Caribbean has a fairly user- friendly website. We were able to pick trips by departure port. The difficult part was comparing prices.

If you select a suite, you get double points for each night. This meant that instead of needing 30 nights on a ship, we could do it in 15. Suites are obviously more expensive than balcony or interior rooms. We were able to pick up some discounts, and time saved made it worth it. We also splurged for the Voom Surf and Stream internet packages. If I want to upload videos, I will need the internet access. Luckily, the Ultimate World Cruise includes internet.

Royal Caribbean Ultimate World Cruise Planning

There isn’t much to plan yet for the Royal Caribbean Ultimate World Cruise. It is the only trip of its kind I have ever seen. The only real planning so far was funding the trip. Because name and itinerary speak for themselves. It is so far ahead that we can’t sign up for most of the excursions yet. We will budget for a certain amount for extras when we get closer to the date. Then start picking out what we want to do and see.

The real planning for this trip will be the things we have to do before we leave.

  • Where do we leave our car?
  • Can we get our medications on the ship?
  • Can we get our teeth cleaned and eyes checked before we go?
  • How much clothing and what kind do we bring?
  • How will we keep in touch with family?
  • Can we set up all of our bills for autopayment?
  • What Visa’s do we need for the trip?

I’m sure there are a few more things that will come up. For now, this is what we are thinking about.

What else do we have planned?

We don’t have anything else planned at the moment. There is a lot of time between April and December though. We might come up with some other excitement. Or we might just enjoy some down time at home. Perhaps taking some drive trips to visit nearby family. If we have any updates for the Ultimate World Cruise, or the three cruises in April, I will share.

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Written by leahb

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