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Written by leahb

April 16, 2023

The Frugal-Vagabond update for the weekend of April 15, 2023. My husband Steve and I had an absolute blast on our recent cruise. When we got back, it was early enough that I could get some work done on my work project. And to catch up with my team to see what they needed help with. We are already looking forward to our next cruise leaving on Monday. I didn’t manage to do a VLOG post last week, but I’m hoping to do some on this trip.

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Since we only have a few days between sailings there isn’t a lot of time. We did manage to be pretty productive yesterday and today though.

Our last sailing day was really rough. To the point that the helpful Royal Caribbean staff put out seasick bags on all of the stair railings. You know, just in case someone suddenly needed one. I did OK with just one Dramamine, but Steve needed two, and he still wasn’t feeling that great after. We saw several people on the ship wearing patches behind their ears. Apparently those work really well. So we went to the doc yesterday to get a prescription. I will review those after our next rough day at sea.

Frugal-Vagabond Shopping

Steve picked up groceries since we didn’t have anything in the house to eat. I like to do “once a week cooking” so it was mostly vegetables for a batch of soup. What we didn’t eat that night, was stored in single serving containers in the freezer. It will keep until we get back. Since I’m also writing about personal finance, and the name of the site is “Frugal-Vagabond” I will also share that the ingredients were around $40 and we got 14 meals out of them. So approximately $2.86 per meal. I’m good with just the vegetables in my soup. Steve likes to add chicken to his – $7.99 rotisserie chicken from the deli. How much varies from time to time, but they usually last an entire week. I will be putting those leftovers in the freezer too before we go.

Frugal-Vagabond Transportation

We’ve also been checking prices for transportation to and from the Royal Caribbean terminal. Getting there was super easy with Uber. Getting back was another story. We were informed in our disembarking paperwork that Lyft was the only ride-share company permitted for the Port of Galveston. Yeah. Really. Anyway, we couldn’t get the Uber app to load. We aren’t sure if it was because of the port rules, or if it wasn’t working because so many people in the area were trying to use it.

Lyft doesn’t have as many drivers as Uber, so we waited 45 minutes outside with no shade before we got a driver to accept our ride, and another 15-20 minutes after that before he arrived because he was coming from so far away. On the plus side, Larry was a cool guy and we had a great conversation about side hustles and being an entrepreneur. We were still about 10-15 minutes away from our house when he said, “I’ve got to drop you guys off so I can get back home to work on my stuff!” I took it as a compliment that our conversation inspired him to work on his ideas.

Steve and I didn’t care to repeat the chaos of leaving the terminal, so we checked a couple of other options. Several years ago, I used to use Limos.com all the time. I was living in Las Vegas at the time, and it was actually about the same price or a little cheaper than taking a taxi home from the airport. I guess now with the rise of the ride-sharing apps, it isn’t as popular or cost effective. The price they quoted was over $200 one way, so we looked at other options.

Frugal-Vagabond Solution

Taking our own car and parking it would have been over $200. We knew that we could book Uber’s in advance, but had never tried it before. At roughly $80 round trip, that definitely seemed like the best option. I was pleasantly surprised that not only could we book our Monday trip to the terminal, but also the return trip 10 days later. Hopefully the app will load when we need it too. If not, they have a number they can call.


Not so Frugal-Vagabond

Then we also did something not entirely Frugal. Apparently, when Royal Caribbean has open rooms they let people in lower grade rooms bid on the upgrade. Not Frugal because it is additional money to pay for a bigger and better room. Totally unnecessary because the room we had was fine. But yeah, kinda Frugal since we bid low, so if we do win, it is at a steep discount. And I’ll get to show you guys what the upgrade looks like.

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Written by leahb

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