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Written by leahb

April 23, 2023

It is day two of cruise number three, so here is a post on all interesting things I’ve found. By the way, we are still having a great time. Despite the fact that we haven’t really done much on any of them. Here’s some things that I’ve found interesting on these Royal Caribbean cruises in the last three weeks. From Cruising Ducks, to attending entertainment events, to elevator etiquette.

All Interesting Things Ducks

On cruise number one, a friend informed me of the “cruising ducks” phenomenon, and I thought that would be a great way to add something special to our trips. Since there was a four day gap between cruise one and two, I purchased ducks. Then we designed and printed some cards to attach. 50 ducks, 50 cards, for 10 days at sea. I’m hiding five per day. And 25 for cruise one, 25 for cruise two.

Since we are “consecutive cruisers” between two and three, we had the opportunity to hide ours in the morning after most of the other passengers were off the ship. I took a picture of the last one, and posted it to the Cruising Ducks – Original Facebook page. We just finished hiding ducks for day two, so I posted a picture of one of those ducks as well. In the afternoon we will walk around on see if they have been found.

We are getting a lot of exercise going up and down the stairs, and all over the ship to hide and check on them. On cruise two, we actually got to witness someone finding one of our ducks. Seeing the excitement on the face of a grown man made my day!

All Interesting Things Events

We haven’t been particularly motived to do a lot of things on any of the cruises. Mostly content to relax and enjoy the cruising lifestyle. Even so, there were a couple of things we were interested in. So far, we have missed out on those because we either got the time wrong, or didn’t get there early enough to get a seat. The lounges are actually pretty small, and anything popular is going to be crowded. The Royal Caribbean advice is to arrive early. And they aren’t kidding.

Neither my husband or I are big fans of being in cramped quarters, so we usually assess the situation and then move on to something else. Sometimes we find a less crowded event. Or live music on the promenade. Or a movie on the pool deck.

All Interesting Things Cruise Related

They are all unique

Some things I’ve found interesting. Each sailing has had it’s own personality. Vibe. Energy. Spirit. Whatever you want to call it. They’ve all been very different from each other in terms of the collective attitude of the passengers. Our first one was probably the least crowded. And I think the most laid-back. The third one, definitely the most crowded. Lots of large families on this trip. The one in the middle was the most party-est group. I’m not sure if it is the number of people that make it different, or something else. It is interesting though that just because you have done one cruise, doesn’t mean you know what cruises are actually like. Because they all have a distinct nature.

Written by leahb

Great People

Everyone is so friendly! I would think that after a while people would get grumpy, even on a floating resort. But so far, I haven’t found that to be the case. Standing or sitting still where a group of people are being still near you is just an opportunity to make a new friend. The main conversations starters are “is this your first cruise?” or “where are you from?” This is followed by an exchange of information on both subjects between you and your new friend.

Most people on this cruise are from somewhere in Texas. Or surrounding states. Which makes sense since we left out of Galveston Port. I’m guessing most of the people leaving out of Miami for a cruise are from Florida and the surrounding states.

Elevator etiquette

Another surprising thing to me is how great everyone is about sharing space on elevators. Everyone is welcoming to get as many people on as will possibly fit. Because waiting for the elevators is a drag. Lots of people give up during the busy times and take the stairs. But there are lots of passengers that don’t have the option of using the stairs. Maybe they have a great attitude about it is because anyone who has issues with claustrophobia probably wouldn’t book a cruise vacation. Maybe because everyone is already in vacation or happy mode. In any case, I’ve never experienced such a friendly attitude towards elevator packing than on this ship.

If you would like to see more stories about cruising, check out my travel posts. Want to know more about Cruising Ducks, check out this post.

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